Friday, February 21, 2014

Some more  information on this great state ( video link how we became a state ) and some interesting information on some of our rivers  ( video link Bluestone, Gauley and New ) here is a fly over from Google earth I created of the new river ( link ) click the link download the kmz file double click the file to open / start  google earth if you don't have google earth   installed on your pc / mac or smart phone her are the links to install them   ( for you pc / mac download  ) ( for you android device download  )       (  for your iphone or ipad download  )   if anyone ever has any trouble with any of my links or files please leave a comment on your problems and I will try to help you resolve any issues you may have as I test all my links and files before I post them to ensure they work and  DO NOT CONTAIN any  virus or malware

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Like the new reality tv show appalachian-outlaws see what everyone is saying about it over at   the place for real diggers and buyers lots of info on growing and digging ginseng and other roots and read what one of the stars of the show and possibly one of the biggest dealers in  wv   TONY COFFMAN   ( aka Strong Prong )  has to say about the show                                                     here are the states regulations on ginseng  wvforestry  here is a link to tony's site  coffmansmetals                some pics of ginseng I've dug  photos

Sunday, February 2, 2014


Entered the Union: June 20, 1863
As the: 35th state
Motto: Montani semper liberi
(Mountaineers are always free)
Nickname: Mountain State
Flower: Rhododendron
Bird: Cardinal
Song: West Virginia, My Home Sweet Home; The West Virginia Hills; and This is My West Virginia
Origin of Name: Like Virginia: in honor of Elizabeth, Virgin Queen of England
Top Industries: Coal mining, chemical manufacturing, and commerce and service activities
Historical Sites: Historic homes in the Eastern Panhandle area of the state.
Points of Interest: Harpers Ferry and New River Gorge National River; the Greenbrier and Berkeley Springs resorts, and the Cass scenic railroad
Capital: Charleston.

                                                         Unusual Facts about the Mountain State ( link ) 

 Well I kinda hate to see it happen and I would like to see a turnaround but the   COAL  industry in our state is on a  down fall and it has been our states number one source of income for years so the economy is definitely feeling the blow   now I'm not a coal miner by 
any means I'm a carpenter by trade and when the coal industry takes a hit so do all the other jobs in the state even tho we have supposedly supplied this nation with a means of cheap energy for decades  the nation decides to turn their backs on us I guess it doesn't matter that most family's in the state are suffering because of it I MEAN since we supplied this means of energy for so long one would think that our state would be one of the richest states in the united states not one of the poorest 

like my father would say "ANYHOW" it looks like tourism might be one of our only means of pulling out of this mess where in  West Virginia has some of the most wonderful places in the nation to come and visit  check this out  or maybe this  or this                                                                        we also have some of the  most beautiful parks around   and then what about our national forests  and for the four wheeling enthusiast we have an abundance of trail systems that you can find links to in my earlier posts                           
                                             WV's 10 YEAR TOURIST PLAN ( link )