Friday, February 21, 2014

Some more  information on this great state ( video link how we became a state ) and some interesting information on some of our rivers  ( video link Bluestone, Gauley and New ) here is a fly over from Google earth I created of the new river ( link ) click the link download the kmz file double click the file to open / start  google earth if you don't have google earth   installed on your pc / mac or smart phone her are the links to install them   ( for you pc / mac download  ) ( for you android device download  )       (  for your iphone or ipad download  )   if anyone ever has any trouble with any of my links or files please leave a comment on your problems and I will try to help you resolve any issues you may have as I test all my links and files before I post them to ensure they work and  DO NOT CONTAIN any  virus or malware

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